In a case where you happen to be Rh negative, the doctor will give you an rh negative pregnancy shot. If the physician gives a Rh-negative woman with no antibodies against the RH factor a shot of Rh immunoglobulin, it will help prevent issues like fetal hemolytic anemia during her later pregnancy.

What does it mean when you have the blood type rhesus negative? Your red blood cells in the blood can be AB, AO or B. On the surface of the cell there is a protein known as Rh. The blood can either be Rh negative or Rh positive. Rh positive means that you have the protein Rh while Rh negative means that you lack the protein Rh.

As a woman with Rh negative blood type in your pregnancy can have a baby with a rhesus positive blood type if the father has blood type rhesus positive. In a case where the fetus’ blood transfers to the mother’s blood stream, she would be able to fight the rhesus antigens. It is known as Rh sensitization.However if not treated the antibodies that the mother develops cross the placenta and attack the positive rhesus blood of the baby and may lead to damage of the brain, anemia and unfortunately even death.